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Research Methodology

Last update: 9/12/2017

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Research Plan Presentation

Make a separate file keeping all the below mentioned assignments . It will be evaluated for your internal assessment marks.

Internal assessment will start after second minors.

Books Recommended
Research Methodology, Methods and Techniques, C R Kothari, New Age, (2013)
Research Methodology, Ranjeet Kumar, SAGE Publications (2012)
Research Methodology, Logic, Methods, and Cases, Sameer Phanse, Oxford University Press, (2016)

Lesson Plan 

Download and print the following table(s) and bring them in the next class. We will be doing numerical based on these in the next class.

Fill in the details of the research paper and famous book in the this form. 

Note all the following activities and assignments should be documented in your activity  file. It to be submitted before 27/11/2017. Make an index in the front of the file/notebook mentioning the topic.

Assignment 1: Read the paper by Yamanaka et al. and report the  following in your file:

a. What is the name of the Journal?

b. What is the Volume number, Issue No. , Page Nos, and year of the paper. 

c. Notice the references given in the paper.  Report the  sequence , how the references are appearing in the main  text?

d. Go through the introduction of the paper and write a paragraph explaining the social significance of this research. 

Assignment 2: Read the Blackawton bees research paper. We will discuss it in the Monday's class. 
Assignment 3: List the variables which were used in the Blackawton bees research paper and classify them into Nominal, Ordinal, interval and Ratio.What was the research question in this research paper that the authors were trying to answer?
Assignment  4: Download and read one research paper from the Research Journal that you have reported in the above form. Bring it next time in the class. Please do  not bring  the review paper. This paper should be the one which you closely resembles to what you can simulate/ do experiment on. Also , start making a list of research papers that you have read. 
Assignment 5: Make a research proposal on any topic of your interest for funding. You may take hint from the this proposal to decide various sections.  


Activity 1: Download and read the papers given on the following website.

Featured Articles of Royal Society Publishing ,With this activity you will be able to appreciate , how research gradually trickles down to textbook subjects.

Activity 2: Make a list of research papers that you have read so far. Note that minimum research papers in this list should be 40. There is no upper limit. 

Activity 3: Chose any five keyword or phrases on google ngram website , and come up with some intelligent conclusion. Report these conclusion in your activity folder. More intelligent the conclusion , more marks!

Activity 4:
Make a five minutes presentation on the research paper that you have chosen

The following will be the sequence for presentations in the coming classes ( four students per class)

(Please bring your own laptop and do the arrangements on your own)

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