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Applied Physics Lab


Last Update on (9/11/2018)

Recommended Books

Recommended Books for Practical Class
B. Sc. Practical Physics , Geeta Sanon, R Chand and Company

A textbook of Practical Physics, Indu Prakash and Ramakrishana

Practical Physics, C L Arora

Applied Physics Theory and Experiments ,

Dr. Manjeet Singh, Dr. Surender Duhan , Anita Devi, Vayu Education of India Publications 

Practical Physics , P R Sasi Kumar, PHI Learning Pvt Ltd

 Minor for Physics Lab

Graph assignment 1 

Graph assignment before 12th March in my Applied Physics Lab.  

This will be evaluated towards your Minor in Physics lab.

Important Notice

Your internal evaluation will be done on the basis of following factors

1. your regularity in the lab. You were supposed to write the date on which you got the practical file checked in the index maintained in the lab.

2. How well you have maintained your practical file.

3. Whether you have done  preliminary studies or not, ( if yes, whether you have recorded in your practical file or not)

NOTE: Please bring the graph assignment ( completed) on the date of the End Semester Practical Examination.

Complete Lab Manuals  

Individual Lab Manuals

Note : Some experiments in the lab manuals are for the second semester.

Manual1 ( Fuel Cell Trainer)   This is for Second Semester

Manual2 (Sonometer)

Manual3 ( Ballistic Galvanometer Setup)     This is for Second Semester

Manual4 ( Transistor Characteristics)   This is for Second Semester

Manual5( Plank Constant Determination)  This is for Second Semester

Manual6( Hall effect Trainer)  This is for Second Semester

Manual7( Hysteresis Loop Trainer)

Manual8( Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Trainer) 

Manual9 ( Young's Modulus Setup)

Manual10(e/m by Thomson Method)  This is for Second Semester

Manual11(Diode Characteristics Trainer)

Manual12(RLC Resonance Trainer)

List of Experiments ( See the list displayed on the soft board in the lab)

Preliminary study

List of Experiments