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Lesson Plan ( 2016 Batch ) 

Lesson Plan ( 2019 Batch, Syllabus has changed. Please wait)

( Last update 5/8/2019)

Please wait for next week. I am on leave due to some medical condition.

Recommended Books


Title         Concepts of Modern Physics , Sixth Edition 

Authors   Arthur Beiser, Shobhit Mahajan, S Rai Choudhary

Publisher Tata McGrawHill Education Pvt Ltd

Title          Textbook of Engineering Physics, Part I

Author      Mahesh C. Jain

Publisher  PHI Learning Priviate Limited

Title          Applied Physics Volume - I 

Author      S P Taneja 

Publisher  R Chand & Co, New Delhi

Title          Engineering Physics, 

Author      Dr Abhijit Nayak 

Publisher  Katson Books

Title          Engineering Physics , Theory &             Experiments, Volume -I

Author        Devaraj Singh 

Publisher   Dhanpat Rai & Co.

Title            Applied Physics 

Authors      Kshamata Muktavat , A K Upadahaya, 

Publisher   I K International Publishing House Pvt Ltd.

Title            Applied Physics Theory and Experiments

Authors      Dr. Manjeet Singh, Dr. Surender Duhan , Anita Devi 

Publisher   Vayu Education of India Publications 

Title            A Textbook of Engineering Physics

Authors     Sobinder Singh, Tuhin Datta

Publisher   Satya Prakashan , New Delhi