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Last Update: 15 /11/2014

Please make a proper practical file, no loose sheets, or diary . 

Bring it every time you visit the lab. Write all the programs in this file that you have simulated along with the results in this file.


Matlab use

Make a separate directory on your laptop, or pen drive and name the filenames of the matlab files as Assingment#Question#.m

Those of you are weak in Matlab are requested to simulate the first chapter the book MATLAB An Introduction with Applications by Amos Gilat.

75% attendance to the lab is compulsory. There will be no adjustment to this rule whatsoever.

Attention 2014 Batch.  Do not copy the later assignments . They are in the process of revision. Start doing Assignment 1 only.


Assignment 1
Assignment 6
Assignment 7
Assignment 8
Assignment 9
Assignment 10
Assignment 11