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Book Recommended
Fundamentals of Multimedia
Ze-Nian LiMark S Drew,  PHI Learning Pvt Ltd

Theory Class

Install demo version of Autodesk Maya on your Laptop.
Install Google Sketchup also.

Watch this video Carefully .

Lab Assignments 2015


Assignment #1

1.  Draw the Rupee symbol using splines in power point/ ms word

Assignment #2

1. Download, print and paste five famous logos and explain their meaning.

2 Make a logo on your own(  keep the softcopy preserved in your pendrive/ laptop). Make the vector graphic of the logo Word, / PowerPoint, and then make a 3D logo of the same shape in Maya.

Assignment #3

1. Download Google Sketchup, Audotdesk Maya , and wavepad to your laptop.

2. Write a script of about 3 minutes . ( It may be any story/ concept that you think is interesting to tell ). Start gradually building animation based on this script.

3. Take a photo of a building and import it in Sketchup. Trace the sides of this building and make a 3D model of it.

Assignment #4

1.Make an animation of planet moving around Sun.

2. Make a shape of pen drive in maya.

Assignment #5

1. Write your own name in the embossed form in maya.

2. Make a shape of a wine glass in maya.

3. Make a shape of a cylinder cut from the top at 45 degrees.

Assignment # 6

Watch the following videos for drawing 3-D objects in Maya. 

( DigitalArtsGuide Maya Tutorial basics 1- 5) 

Assignment  # 7

Render Natural colors to the various objects drawn in the monument above.

Assignment  # 8

Define the following terms in terms of the software Maya . Also draw a corresponding set( two) of diagrams to explain their meaning.

You may even take a print ( if possible) and paste them in your practical notebook.

keys                Group          Ungroup

Pivot               NURBS         CV Curve

EP Curve        Hull               UV

Snap               Revolve        Loft

Extrude           Sculpt          Chamfer 

Keep a soft copy of all the assignments in your pen drive/ separate folder in your laptop.