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Research Ethics


Last update : 14-05-2020

Each one of you need to write one article and do one case study and submit them in the following format.  The status of your submitted articles and case studies is given here

Remember, no copy paste from wikipedia pages is acceptable.

You need to do an extensive literature survey, and mention the references/bibliography at the end. 

Only docx/doc files are acceptable. 

Note:  You need to write on your own. No copy paste is allowed. 

No wikipedia or any other secondary reference will be accepted as bibliography. It has to be an original published research article or book.

Do not change the font size, type , paragraph spacing etc. 

Strictly follow the format given to you. 

You will be evaluated for your internal assessment on quality of these assignments. 

You may upload the assignments here.

The last date for submitting these is 10/4/2020.

Minor Marks!

Recommended Books

- The ethics of educational research, Robert G Burgess, The Flamer Press, 1989

-Ethics in Engineering practice and research, Cambridge University Press, 1998

File these assignments in your assignment file, you need to submit it at the end of the semester and show this after first and second minors for internal assessment.
1. List the various steps taken by Soviet government to prevent the loss/damage of human lives in the Chernobyl Disaster. Were some of these steps unethical? Discuss.
2. Go through the following website :Nature history What is a peer review?Describe why a peer review was started? 
3. Write a paragraph about this book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks . by Rebecca Skloot.
4. Write two paragraphs about Stanford Prison experiment Research. One favoring and another giving a critical opinion about the research done.
  5. Write two paragraphs about Tuskegee syphilis experiment Research. One favoring and another giving a critical opinion about the research done.