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Research Methodology

Last update:5/8/2019

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Analysis Of Variance excel sheet

Time Series Analysis excel Sheet

Make a separate file keeping all the below mentioned assignments . It will be evaluated for your internal assessment marks.

Internal assessment will start after second minors.

Books Recommended
Reserarch Methodology , C R Kothari and Gaurav Garg, 2018, New Age International Publisher
Research Methodology, Ranjeet Kumar, SAGE Publications (2012)
Research Methodology, Logic, Methods, and Cases, Sameer Phanse, Oxford University Press, (2016)

Welcome 2019 batch. I am on leave for this week for some medical reasons. Please see assignment below. We will discuss it next week. 

Lesson Plan 

Assignment 1

Read the following paper by Matta et al. and answer the following questions:

1. What was the aim of the study?

2.What were the observations that lead the authors to do this study?

3. What experiment was planned for this study?

4. Was their any control used in this study?

5.What were the key findings?

6. What is the conclusion.?

Write a paragraph about the ethical issues involved with this study,Can the industry influence this study? Has it been done  the first time? 

Note: Do not copy paste text from the research paper. Write everything in your own words.