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Research Methodology

Last update:3/12/2018

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Analysis Of Variance excel sheet

Time Series Analysis excel Sheet

Make a separate file keeping all the below mentioned assignments . It will be evaluated for your internal assessment marks.

Internal assessment will start after second minors.

Books Recommended
Reserarch Methodology , C R Kothari and Gaurav Garg, 2018, New Age International Publisher
Research Methodology, Ranjeet Kumar, SAGE Publications (2012)
Research Methodology, Logic, Methods, and Cases, Sameer Phanse, Oxford University Press, (2016)

Lesson Plan 

Assignment 1

Make a document with the following details

       Your broad area of research, Formulate a Research Hypothesis in your area of research, Give the reference of a famous book in your research area, Give the name of a famous research journal in your research area, Write at least ten keywords related to your research.

Assignment 2

Search for some legendary keywords of your research on the google n gram website  and interpret those results. Write what you have concluded and submit. You may also interpret anything other than your research and submit. You will be discussing this in your next  class. 

Assignment 3

Go through the Ocean Project Report or Perceptions of European Higher Education in Third Countries and answer the following questions

What was the need of this survey?

How many people were surveyed and what was their composition?

What were the key findings?

If you were to design the questionnaire for this survey, what set of questions you will ask. Design a questionnaire.

What are the key recommendations of this survey?

Assignment 4

Go through the paper Blakatow Bees and answer the following questions:

Understand this paper thoroughly , we will discuss this in the next class.

What were the variables measured?

Classify those variables and independent and dependent.

Classify these variables as nominal, ordinal ... etc.

Assignment 5

Download one research paper from the Journal that you had listed in assignment 1 and go through its introduction and answer the following question

What is the significance of this research?

What is the hypothesis of this research paper?

What the conclusion?

Assignment 6

 You have observations of theta_1 and theta_2, and you know the value of n_1 and n_2?

How will you plot these observations to confirm the equation


Assignment 7

Search for the list of ISO standards discussed in the class, and write one paragraph about them. Search for three more ISO standards related to your research and write , what do they stand for.

Assignment 8

Make a presentation/video for about 3 minutes( stretchable to 5 min) related to the research paper submitted in Assignment 5. You need to present this work in the class as a presentation. Make sure the research paper is not from any conference . It should be a peer reviewed International Journal. That too no Volume 1, Issue 1 types journals. You are advised to give this presentation as soon as possible , as you may miss the chance to give the presentation if you delay it towards the end of the semester.

Assignment 9

A study claims that using music in a class enhances the concentration and consequently helps students absorb more information.Test this hypothesis using ANNOVA

Test scores ( out of 10) 

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